Saint Mary Church of Tabriz

Saint Mary Church is one of the oldest and largest churches of Tabriz, where religious ceremonies of the Armenian sect take place.  A few tombstones of famous personalities can be noted here.  The Saint Mary’s Armenian church is an Armenian Christian church located in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.  It is the largest and oldest Christian church in Tabriz and a notable centre for Armenian national and religious ceremonies held by the Armenian community of Tabriz.  The church is located in the Dik Bashi district of Tabriz. This church was built in the 6th century AH (12th century AD) and in his travel chronicles, Marco Polo, the famous Venetian traveler who lived during the 8th century AH (14th century AD), referred to this church on his way to China.  For many years, Saint Mary’s served as the seat of the Azarbaijan Armenian archbishop. It is a handsomely built edifice, with annex buildings sprawled over a large area.  A board of Armenian peers governs the well-attended church. The church is 16 meters long and 14 meters wide. The belfry standing on four square columns in the middle of the church has four arches with biblical painting between the columns.  The tabernacle of the church was built in the style of Armenian architecture, parts of which can be dated back to the 12th century AD.  The base of the church was made of limestone.